Standard dimensions 2440x1220 mm and 2750x1220 mm, with the possibility of any other size, under request.
Thicknesses From 03 mm to 40 mm.
Description Tafiblanc is a board with a pre-lacquered and sanded treatment, especially indicated for the manufacture of lacquered furniture, providing significant savings in the process as it only requires one finishing application..
Support It is a product specially developed for lacquers and manufacturers of lacquered furniture. This product starts from a base of high-density MDF boards on which several layers of UV backgrounds are applied by roller with a Roller system, applying white UV dyes and varnishes, which are subsequently sanded by electronic machines and 5 different groups with grains. ranging between 600 and 1000 gr., which allows to obtain an optimal result for subsequent finishing.
Quality standards We can supply boards with PEFC and CARB2 certification.